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Specializations in Finance (SBWL)

The Institute of Banking & Finance offers two specializations in finance: Financial Intermediation, and Investments. A third specialization, Corporate Finance, is offered jointly with the Institute of Finance.


Financial Intermediation

In the specialization Financial Intermediation, we focus on the core business of banks, venture-capital firms and FinTechs. We discuss fundamental issues with respect to profitability, risk and capital in the light of legal and regulatory requirements. We also employ theoretical models and quantitative empirical methods as tools for decision-making in these corporations in the finance sector. After completing this specialization, you will be able (i) to determine how legal and regulatory frameworks affect financial institutions, and to formulate appropriate strategic responses, (ii) to transfer the methodological skills you will have acquired to relevant practical issues, (iii) to develop and implement empirical approaches to model profitability and risks, and (iv) to independently solve scientific problems.


  • 333.310 PS Risk Management 1
  • 333.325 PS Risk Management 2
  • 333.315 PS Banking Management 1
  • 333.320 PS Banking Management 2
  • 333.500 Seminar Financial Intermediation




This SBWL focuses on issues in financial markets and investment analysis using theoretical models and empirical and experimental research methods. On the one hand, the focus is on asset pricing as well as on asset and risk management and on the other hand on the empirical modeling of market data and the understanding of institutions, regulations and the behavior of financial market participants. After completing this specialization, you will (i) understand and be able to apply different methods and models for the assessment and risk analysis of investment products, (ii) understand the process and the drivers of asset allocations, (iii) understand the decision-making behavior of market participants and how payment and incentive patterns drive decisions, (iv) be able to practically apply the acquired methodological competencies and problem-solving skills to develop independent solutions.


•           333.420 PS Investment Analysis 1

•           333.425 PS Investment Analysis 2

•           333.440 PS Financial Market Analysis 1

•           333.445 PS Financial Market Analysis 2

•           333.560 Seminar Investments



Corporate Finance

This SBWL covers topics of investment and financing in the firm. The discussion focuses on treasury and cash management, corporate financial risk management, investment decision-making, optimal capital structure, dividend policy and the determination of a company’s value in consideration of information frictions. After completing this specialization, you will be able to (i) analyze and derive optimal decisions regarding operational investment and financing policy; (ii) practically apply the methodological competencies and problem-solving skills you have acquired to develop independent solutions.


  • 328.220 PS Investment Management 1
  • 328.221 PS Investment Management 2
  • 328.230 PS Financial Management 1
  • 328.231 PS Financial Management 2
  • 328.260 Seminar Corporate Finance

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