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Acquiring competencies at the Institute of Banking and Finance

The Institute of Banking and Finance is tasked with teaching students the necessary competencies and skills to responsibly analyze and solve financial problems. They acquire new knowledge and skills, qualifying them to successfully address future needs in research and practice and to make evidence-based decisions that conform with legal and social norms. The education furthermore strengthens students’ abilities of navigating social systems and of critically reflecting their own behavior and its consequences.

  • Expertise

Knowledge of facts, concepts and theories, and understanding of causal relationships and principles relating to financial instruments and the financial system as well as to financial decision-making within corporations and capital markets.

  • Application competence

Applying the acquired expertise to concrete, practical problems and questions, and being able to make appropriate decisions.

  • Methods competence

Applying empirical research and solution techniques to addressing questions in a financial context, e.g., regression and simulation.

  • Data skills

Ability to obtain, analyze and interpret financial information, including the use of financial data (where and how), using Excel / R and commercial databases.

  • Research competence

Ability to apply the scientific approach to answering a research question (reading scientific research; applying scientific methods; questioning published results)

  • Social skills

Development of communication and cooperation skills allowing the student to navigate and succeed in social groups. Trained by solving complex financial tasks in a group setting.

  • Personality

Improving the ability to critically judge one’s own skills and control one’s own actions.

Office Management


Silvia Gersin

Phone:+43 316 380 - 7300
Fax:+43 (0)316 380 9580

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